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At ISC, we rely on our dedicated project managers and a team of certified engineers to provide a full scope of capabilities to deliver the solutions and services you need now and in the future.

Project Management, Design and Engineering...

It is essential for the successful integration of any Low Current Systems (LCS) to have a professional project management. Our certified engineers follow proven industry standards to interface with all necessary trades in your project to guarantee that ISC is a productive team member. We work closely with your project team to deliver your project on time, on budget and to ensure clear communication with all point of contact throughout the life of the project. All aspects are considered: technical, architectural, environmental, culture, budgetary, workflow and expansion. Our product knowledge allows us to integrate each individual component to a design in an optimal and efficient manner.

Vendor Selection & Material Procurement...

As a partner and authorized dealer for many top manufacturers and leveraging long-time relationship with technology leaders, ISC is here to help you sort out the options and select the right equipment to accomplish your unique requirements. We select equipment for our projects based on matching customer objectives and budget to the latest technology available. Whether you are looking for a basic system with simplicity, or seeking more comprehensive technology for advanced features, we can help you achieve a powerful, lasting impact.

Our goal at ISC is to ensure you get exactly what you are looking for.

Programming & Installation...

ISC provides low current system programming services on all scales; whether it is a new job or retrofit to integrate to existing systems. As technologies move towards IP based, our extensive experience in integration design, engineering, installation, and post installation support, we understand the merging of LCS equipments to IT technologies. ISC programmers are certified in their field, knowledgeable and experienced.

ISC's programmers and installation teams are dedicated engineers and technicians, They are factory-trained by our technology partners in the industry. We ensure that every installation is given utmost attention on detail and quality. ISC maintan an in-house training program for installers to meet ISC's quality objectives. ISC has been trusted by primary general contractors and consultants in KSA that we have worked with for years, helping them to achieve a common goal of "on time and on budget."

We maintain a well-equipped lab for continuous training and to perform the following post-installation activities:

  • Assembly and inter-connecting devices
  • Configuration and testing
  • Analysis and Troubleshooting
  • Prototyping
  • Cable and Wiring Testing
  • Integration and Testing

Training & Document Submittal...

At ISC, we do not just deliver a finished project. It is one of our commitment to ensure the installed systems can be operated by the end-user. System training is being done in two phases: First, during initial "Handover" of the system, where we explain to the proponents and end-users the different systems and devices with their usage and functionalities. The second one is the training after the final handover. ISC engineers conducts full training to the end-user that is in accordance to manufacturer's operations manual. Each training attendee/s is provided with a certificate as a proof that he or she is knowledgeable in operating and managing the handed over system.

Our engineering backoffice staff ensures that proper and complete documentation is submitted to the client. These submittal includes; shop-drawings, as-built drawings, diagrams, system specs, manuals and other standard documents along with project warranty and certificates.


Quality Is Our Objective



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